AFW Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivels with Double Welded Rings


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#3 - 200lb/91kg (Qty 2)
#5 - 335lb/152kg (Qty 2)
#6 - 445lb/202kg (Qty 2)
#7 - 555lb/252kg (Qty 2)

These solid brass Ball Bearing Swivels are engineered to survive the fiercest one-on-one battles. The patented bullet shape provides fluid rotation and decreased water resistance. The unique gun metal black finish minimizes reflections and cloaks the tackle. Swivels have a solid brass body, stainless steel bearings, and welded rings for maximum security and to endure the unforgiving offshore environment. The tournament snaps are tempered and made of solid brass, designed to stay closed and keep you connected to the fish. Don’t even think about making a trip to the canyon, or out of sight of the shoreline, without these battle-tested ball bearing swivels in your tackle box. 



  • Tournament-grade swivel provides the ultimate fluid rotation
  • Solid stainless steel double-welded rings
  • Patented bullet shape descreases resistance
  • Stainless steel bearings glide inside a grooved bearing channel for fluid rotation
  • Gun Metal Black Finish
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#3 – 200lb/91kg (Qty 2), #5 – 335lb/152kg (Qty 2), #6 – 445lb/202kg (Qty 2), #7 – 555lb/252kg (Qty 2)