Alvey Surf 60GVCR Reel

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The Alvey 60GVCR Surf Reel has a rapid retrieve handle plate. Meaning you can wind up to 30% faster with the smaller handle and have powerful 1:1 action to control a fish with the outer handle. A large tri-star nut gives excellent drag pressure. No gears, no bearings, no problems. The smooth clutch is a multi-plate design with polished brass plates combined with a PTFE coated woven glass washer which can withstand very high temperatures. A fish alert switch on the backside of the reel can be engaged when leaving the rod and reel unattended to warn you of a fish taking line.



  • 60 (6″)
  • G (Graphite)
  • V (Vented)
  • C (Non reversing drag with handle spool)
  • R (Rapid retrieve)
  • Spool Diameter – 150mm
  • Line Capacity – 500m/7kg
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