ANDE Premium Leader Material


Colour: Pink | 50yd (approx. 45m) spools

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100lb - 1.00mm
125lb - 1.30mm
150lb - 1.40mm
20lb - 0.45mm
30lb - 0.55mm
40lb - 0.60mm
50lb - 0.70mm
60lb - 0.80mm
80lb - 0.90mm

ANDE Premium monofilament is perfect for the vast majority of anglers. It is a medium-soft monofilament with excellent tensile and knot strength which a high abrasian resistance. Cherished by Aussie anglers for it’s incredible hard-wearing durability, it is highly recommended for all salt and freshwater angling applications. It is particularly popular with the anglers fishing the top-ender for Barra and Jacks and big game fishing for Tuna and Marlin. It is also especially good when live-baiting off the rocks for Kingfish and Mulloway. 



  • Colour: Pink
  • 50yd (approx. 45m) spools
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LB / Dia.

100lb – 1.00mm, 125lb – 1.30mm, 150lb – 1.40mm, 20lb – 0.45mm, 30lb – 0.55mm, 40lb – 0.60mm, 50lb – 0.70mm, 60lb – 0.80mm, 80lb – 0.90mm