ATC Valiant Reels

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Carbon Fibre (CF) Range:

The 800, which weighs an incredibly light 165g, holds 100m of PE 1 line. The 2000 weighs 183g and holds 200m of PE 1 line and the 3000 comes in at 217g and swallows up 140m of PE 2 line.

The two smallest reels in the range have tournament grade carbon drags that can handle up to 4kg of drag pressure, while the 3000 has been ultra-tuned to handle 7kg of drag pressure if needed.

The reels all feature 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings to ensure the ultimate in smoothness and performance and each reel features a high grade aluminium and carbon reel handle.

Impressive in its appearance, exceptional in performance and so light you’ll barely know you’re holding it, the ATC Valiant CF reel is making an immediate impact across the country.


014VCF800 Valiant CF 800 100m/PE 1 10 + 1 5.2:1 165
014VCF2000 Valiant CF 2000 200m/PE 1 10 + 1 5.2:1 183
014VCF3000 Valiant CF 3000 140m/PE 2 10 + 1 5.2:1 217


Valiant SW Spin:

The Valiant SW reels are constructed using an aluminium body and rotor, making them the perfect match for saltwater fishing and giving the reels a toughness that is unbeatable.

Unparalleled stopping power is provided by woven carbon drag discs that provide drag levels that will amaze and the internal components are built to take this punishment.

Smooth operation is delivered through the use of 8+1 corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings for longevity and an overall feel of quality. Both the SW 4000 and SW 5000 feature an oversized but lightweight ergonomic EVA handle knob to assist anglers when the pressure is on during a fight, and the line capacities ensure that when that big one does come along, you will not be left short of line.


Size Line Capacity Max Drag
2000 PE 1.5/240m, PE 2/200m 8kg
3000 PE 2/240m, PE 2.5/200m 8kg
4000 PE 2.5/290m, PE 3/260m 11kg
5000 PE 3/290m, PE 3.5/250m 11kg
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CF3000, CF800, SW5000