Atomic Plazos Jerk Minnow


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7in - Motor Oil Gold (4pk)
7in - Old Penny (4pk)
7in - White (4pk)

The Atomic Plazos Jerk Minnow is a unique profile incorporating flutes in the tail to increase the action of the lure. It can be rigged in a multitude of ways from weightless all the way to a standard jig head and is available in sizes sure to work on a wide range of species both inshore and offshore. They can be worked aggressively or dead sticked on a jig head and allowed to sit in the sand or mud like a worm exiting a hole.

The unique design also trolls well and has been used extensively on southern bluefin tuna. Whatever your chosen fishing target, the Atomic Plazos Jerk Minnow range has a lure perfect for your needs. The 2 ¾ inch jerk minnows are perfect for small estuary species like bream with the 6 and 7 suitable for large predatory species like jewfish and snapper.

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7in – Motor Oil Gold (4pk), 7in – Old Penny (4pk), 7in – White (4pk), 7inch – Motor Oil Gold (4pk), 7inch – Old Penny (4pk), 7inch – White (4pk)