Atomic Plazos Prong


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3" Carolina Pkn Holo.
3" Motor Oil Gold
3" Radioactive Rooster
3" Red Pumpkin
4" Carolina Pkn Holo.
4" Motor Oil Gold
4" Radioactive Rooster
4" Red Pumpkin

What plastic range wouldn’t need a prawn imitation and the Atomic Plazos Prong is a unique shape designed right here in Australia. Available in a variety of sizes suitable for offshore down to estuary fishing, the lure can be cast and allowed to sink slowly and the soft plastic tendrils will wave enticingly in the current, attracting all manner of fish. They can be rigged unweighted or on a heavy jig head making them a versatile presentation anywhere you fish.

These lures have been used extensively on bream and bass in the estuaries and dams to barra and snapper in the larger sizes. Flathead too love them and they can be fished super slow or twitched like a fleeing prawn. They are available in a range of life like colours and are one of the most versatile plastic lures on the market.

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3" Carolina Pkn Holo., 3" Motor Oil Gold, 3" Radioactive Rooster, 3" Red Pumpkin, 4" Carolina Pkn Holo., 4" Motor Oil Gold, 4" Radioactive Rooster, 4" Red Pumpkin