Atomic Real Baitz Herring


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100mm | 28g


The herring is a staple estuary baitfish, it is one of the most diverse baits any angler can put in the water.

The Real Baitz Herring features a large paddle tail, producing a wide wobble with a tight roll action, just like the real thing. Ideal for species such as mulloway, flathead or barra.

Targets – mulloway, flathead, bass, and barra


When to tie one on – The Real Baitz Herring is the perfect estuary and impoundment lure. It has been designed to perfectly imitate the real thing. It can be fished at all depths using a lift and drop technique or can be slowly wound back to the boat. The large paddle tail wobbles from side to side with the slightest movement. It can be used used over flats areas, rock walls, oyster racks, bridge pylons and wharves and jetties.


How to Use:

  • Estuary outfits in maximum 8-16lb range will yield best results when casting. Braided lines with a flouro leader will be best.
  • Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
  • Target edges or flats with weed beds and use a very slow wind retrieve for amazing results.
  •  Long casts will be rewarded. Position yourself so the wind is at your back if possible.
  • Use this lure offshore by allowing it to sink. Snapper love a slow sinking presentation and will definitely hit this lure.
  • Vary your retrieve slightly by adding in a downward pull of the rod tip causing the lure to accelerate, then decelerate.