Atomic Real Baitz Whiting


King George

200mm | 115g | Tight wobble and roll with fast tail action


Sand – Sand whiting are prolific on the east coast of Australia and unbeatable when targeting XOS flathead. They inhabit inshore sand flats, bays and rivers, where they are likely to encounter their primary predator, flathead. The Real Baitz Whiting is a carbon copy of the real thing and a must-have lure for XOS flathed. It has a slender profile and a tight swimming action courtesy of the oscillating tail design. This is the perfect snack for any number of predators, including estuary and offshore species.


King George – The southern states are home to Australia’s biggest whiting, the King George which is an excellent bait for snapper. It grows to over 50cm and is not only tasty to eat, but makes excellent bait for snapper. The Real Baitz King George is a mirror image of this iconic fish. The lure swims just like a real whiting with a slender body and tight swimming action courtesy of the oscillating tail design. Perfect for snapper and other predatory fish.

Targets: Flathead, Mulloway, Snapper


When to tie on – The whiting is going to be unbeatable in the estuary for XOS flathead in deeper water. It can be fished at all depths using a lift and drop technique or can be wound back to the boat. The custom designed tail is designed to imitate the fast-swimming action of the real fish. It can also be used offshore in the deep and allowed to sink or over flats and wound back to the boat just above the bottom.


How to use:

  • We recommend 10-20lb outfits up to 20-40lb depending on the terrain you are fishing. Braided lines with a flouro leader will be best.
  • Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
  • Use a fast wind retrieve or allow it to drop to the bottom and hop it back to the boat for amazing results.
  • This lure in all weights casts well and will give you a long cast and cover lots of ground.
  • Try this lure offshore in deeper water or alongside rock walls or even off the beach for mulloway.
  • Vary your retrieve slightly by adding in a downward pull of the rod tip causing the lure to accelerate, then decelerate.
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King George, Sand