Atomic Seekerz XOS Wire Jig Heads


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XOS 7/0 - 1oz
XOS 7/0 - 3/4oz
XOS 8/0 - 1oz
XOS 8/0 - 2oz

Designed for the angler who likes fishing hard fighting species in tough offshore terrain or for massive impoundment barra among heavy timber, the Seekerz XOS Wire is built on an ultra strong Gamakatsu hook. The hook features a slightly smaller gape than the standard wire design, but you can be sure, there is no chance of tackle failure on hard running fish with the Seekerz XOS Wire.

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XOS 7/0 – 1oz, XOS 7/0 – 3/4oz, XOS 8/0 – 1oz, XOS 8/0 – 2oz

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