Berkley Fish Grip Gloves


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Get a grip on your fishing with the Berkley coated fish grip gloves. Great for filleting and cleaning but the perfect tool for handling fish at the point of capture. You probably know an angler that has not lost a fish because they simply dropped it. Just when you think a fish is settled in your hand, it bucks, and the slippery skin sees it launch from your hand back into the water. This devastating moment need never happen again. All you need is a pair of Berkley coated fish grip gloves.

They are very affordable and a simple machine wash allows for repeated use. The textured grip allows for a much better purchase on the fish, giving you a more secure grip without doing any harm to the fish. In fact, for those that practice catch and release, Berkley fishing gloves offers excellent protection for the sensitive skin coatings on the fish. Handling is made more efficient, with less muscle required to ensure your fish stays put in your hand, without having to cause potential damage to the fish.



  • Heavy-duty textured grip
  • Flexible
  • Helps keep a grip on slippery fish
  • Helps to protect your hands against fishing hazards
  • Washable