Berkley Gulp! Alive! Turbo Shrimp


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Nuclear Chicken
Pearl White
Peppered Prawn
Pink Belly Shrimp

The Gulp!® Turbo shrimp is the next evolution of shrimp imitations and is now also available in the convenient Gulp! Alive!® formula. Gulp! Alive!® ensures that each bait is perfectly formed and is 100% hydrated with that secret fish attractant that Gulp!® is known for. This guarantees that each of the unique legs on the Gulp!® Turbo Shrimp generate high frequency vibrations with maximum scent dispersion that fish simply cannot resist. The Gulp! Alive!® 4” Turbo Shrimp is available in a range of four vibrant and earthy colours to give you the ultimate fishing advantage wherever you cast.



  • Unique leg design for maximum vibrations that fish can’t resist
  • Life-like segmented shrimp body and tail
  • Built from proven Gulp! Alive!® formula to entice any fish that swims nearby
  • 4in / 10cm
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Nuclear Chicken, Pearl White, Peppered Prawn, Pink Belly Shrimp