Berkley Gulp! Minnow


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3" Banana Prawn (Qty 12)
3" Smelt (Qty 12)

Fish can’t resist the Minnow Grubs “fat” profile and flickering curl tail, and added to the colour, smell and taste, it’s one to have in your box. This shape has proven dynamite in estuary and freshwater situations for both competition and social fisherman alike. With the built-in action of the curl tail, Minnow Grubs are an excellent choice for those starting out with soft baits, and can be fished with almost any weight Nitro jighead.


When fishing in deep water, select a jig head size that will make the tail flutter quite quickly. This will make the fish look twice at it as it sinks down past the school. If fishing them off the bottom, by giving them a couple of hops try working them slow, and if this does not work then increase the speed in which you lift the rod tip.



  • Highly effective on a host of estuary & inshore species
  • Fish can’t resist the Minnow Grub’s ‘fat’ profile and flickering curl tail
  • Biodegradable and made of natural ingredients
  • Available in 3-inch and 4-inch options
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3 inch – Banana Prawn (Qty 12), 3 inch – Smelt (Qty 12), 3" Banana Prawn (Qty 12), 3" Smelt (Qty 12)