Berkley Twist Lock Rod Rack


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An essential piece of fishing equipment that is often overlooked is the storage rod holder. They are great for keeping all your fishing rods and reels secured to they can’t be damaged. By holding your rod and reels in place securely, the Berkely Twist Lock Rod Rack will ensure your lines don’t become tangled. It has a unique twist lock mechanism that will keep them tightly in place, and the foam grip pads will keep your valuable rods in good order.

It can store up to 4 rods. Can be mounted horizontally along a wall or even overhead. 


  • Horizontally stores 4 rods 
  • Easy, simple twist rings
  • Corrosion proof
  • Foam grip pads
  • Made from durable, lightweight polypropylene
  • Each section measures approximately 315mm long x 65mm high x 25mm wide


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