Berkley Gulp! Alive! Recharge Juice


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There are very few Berkley Gulp lure fishing enthusiasts leaving home without their bottle of Gulp Liquid. Not since the rise and rise of plastics has there been anything quite as revolutionary as the Berkley Gulp fish attractant.

The Gulp scent can change an ordinary day on the water to a total fishing bonanza as the uniquely crafted scents turn fish into veracious feeders snapping at anything that enters their line of sight. Yes, the Pro Gulp series of lures come ready charged with the fabulous fish attractant, but over time this scent wears off. It’s meant to. The whole idea is that the scent is released into the water to attract fish from a distance. Eventually this scent needs to be recharged. Hence the convenient re-charge bottle. Gulp liquid does to your gulp lures what steroids did for the body building industry.


Berkley Gulp Recharge juice is easy to carry and inexpensive. It’s no load to carry a couple of bottles around with you. A 236ml bottle will cost you mere pocket change, last for ages and genuinely works wonders attracting fish of all species from all environments. You might do well to consider grabbing the specialised Gulp container. You can store you’re your gulp lures while they are soaking in gulp liquid. The Gulp Re-Charge liquid and the Gulp Bait Management storage Containers make for the perfect Gulp fish attractant system. Whatever the case, heading out to throw a few plastics without a bottle of gulp Re-Charge liquid is borderline negligent. So you better grab yourself a few bottles now. It sells like hotcakes.



  • Come in a 236ml bottle
  • Convenient screw top lid
  • Designed to work hand in hand with Berkley gulp lures (note: not recommended for use with other brands of lures as it may react and destroy the other brands of plastics) gulp lures are made from natural ingredients so can absorb the juice without hassle.



  • Convenient and easy to carry so you never have to throw an unscented lure again.
  • Attracts fish of all species. Should be used in fresh and saltwater fishing situations.
  • Turns an average lure into a total fish magnet increasing your catch rates.
  • Only small amounts are required so it can last a long time which means economical fishing.

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