Big John’s Burley Pellets


Power Prawn 1kg
Power Prawn 2kg
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Tuna Tossers 2kg
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Wonder Whiting 1kg
Wonder Whiting 5kg

Power Prawn Burley

Just about all fish love prawns. Big John’s Power Prawn burley is derived from real prawns which are emulsified in-house ensuring the best quality. The emulsified prawns are stabilised and then processed with real tuna meal into red 5mm pellets. Micro pieces are also included so the burley attracts the smallest fish and sea life, in-turn attracting bigger fish. This along with the light red colour, which is emitted into the water column, attracts even more fish. 


Tuna Tossers Burley

Tuna Tossers are loaded with real Tuna then enhanced with tuna oils. All ingredients are processed in a big wide 8mm pellet. Ideal for hand dispersion – designed to break down slowly releasing natural enzymes and pheromones.


Wonder Whiting Burley

Wonder Whiting comes in a rich red meal. One small wet handful goes a long way, covering a large water column with micro pieces emitting a light red colour. Those micro pieces consist of emulsified prawns and tuna meal which attracts the smallest feeders in turn enticing larger fish. While the name suggests it’s only for whiting, in reality just about all small bait fish will love it.

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Power Prawn 1kg, Power Prawn 2kg, Power Prawn 3kg, Tuna Tossers 2kg, Tuna Tossers 5kg, Wonder Whiting 1kg, Wonder Whiting 5kg