BKK SS Heavy Circle Hooks


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The BKK Heavy Circle is an extremely versatile hook developed to tackle various freshwater and saltwater species.

Thanks to BKK’s Super Slide coating, it features a lower resistance and enhanced penetration performance, easing the sliding of live baits onto the hook and prolonging their liveliness.

In addition to the circle hook design, the offset hook point (reversed) further enhances the hook up rate, as the exposed hook point helps when fishing very deep to maximize the chances of fish’s self-hookups.

Lastly, the hook comes with a very sticky needle hook point out of the package.


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2/0 (Qy 8), 3/0 (Qty 7), 4/0 (Qty 7), 5/0 (Qty 6), 6/0 (Qty 6), 7/0 (Qty 5), 9/0 (Qty 4)