Black Magic Equalizer Harness Belt

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  • Moulded and contoured padded componentry give you a stronger yet lighter and less bulky harness
    Unlike conventional kidney fighting harnesses the Black Magic Equalizer® divides the strain between the upper thigh/buttocks area and the lower back using innovative twin element padded supports
  • The free running lug clips allow the load to be distributed evenly between the two elements of the harness
  • By having the angle of pull lower on the angler the pressure applied to the reel lugs is increased by up to 50% without any extra effort
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand using the best materials available
  • The Equalizer® fish fighting Harness makes it easier to battle the dream fish
  • The lightweight harness/webbing can be worn all day, then simply slip on the gimbal in seconds when the fish strikes



  • Small – 555mm (21.8″)
  • Standard – 683mm (26.8″)
  • XL Wide – 835mm (32.8″)