Black Magic Knife Jig


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150g Blinky
150g Fiery Tiger
150g Green/Yellow/Gold
200g Blinky
200g Fiery Tiger
200g Green/Yellow/Gold

The Black Magic Knife Jig is a great quality jigging lure. It works well on kingfish, bonito and albacore but will catch a host of pelagic species.

  • Built for a fast drop and rapid retrieve
  • All models have a lumo belly strip
  • All models come rigged with an assist hook


Assist Hooks

  • 150gm and 200gm fitted with an 8/0 assist hook
  • 300gm and 400gm fitted with a 9/0 assist hook
  • 500gm is fitted with an 11/0 assist hook
Additional information

150g Blinky, 150g Fiery Tiger, 150g Green/Yellow/Gold, 200g Blinky, 200g Fiery Tiger, 200g Green/Yellow/Gold, Blinky 150g, Blinky 200g, Fiery Tiger 150g, Fiery Tiger 200g, Green/Yellow/Gold 150g, Green/Yellow/Gold 200g