Catch Beta Bug Jig


100g Ballistic Blue
100g Orange Assassin
100g Shady Lady
100g White Warrior
200g Ballistic Blue
200g Orange Assassin
200g Shady Lady
200g White Warrior
20g Ballistic Blue
20g Orange Assasin
20g Shady Lady
20g White Warrior
60g Ballistic Blue
60g Orange Assassin
60g Shady Lady
60g White Warrior
80g Ballistic Blue
80g Orange Assassin
80g Shady Lady
80g White Warrior

Taking the best of Japanese technology, we have combined features from other lures to produce the Beta Bug. An excellent choice of lure when targetting bigger fish. This famous Inchiku jig is a firm favourite with fishermen. 



  • Superior action
  • UV glow
  • Vibrant colours
  • Extra strong hooks
  • Action on the drop and retrieve
  • Lethal on local fish species such as snapper, kingfish, John Dory, kahawai & many more


Additional information

100g Ballistic Blue, 100g Orange Assassin, 100g Shady Lady, 100g White Warrior, 200g Ballistic Blue, 200g Orange Assassin, 200g Shady Lady, 200g White Warrior, 20g Ballistic Blue, 20g Orange Assasin, 20g Shady Lady, 20g White Warrior, 60g Ballistic Blue, 60g Orange Assassin, 60g Shady Lady, 60g White Warrior, 80g Ballistic Blue, 80g Orange Assassin, 80g Shady Lady, 80g White Warrior, Ballistic Blue 100g, Ballistic Blue 60g, Ballistic Blue 80g, Shady Lady 80g, White Warrior 100g, White Warrior 60g, White Warrior 80g