Catch Fishing Freestyle Kabura


100g Orange Assassin
100g Shady Lady
100g White Warrior B
120g White Warrior
60g Shady Lady
60g White Warrior B
80g Shady Lady
80g White Warrior A

The Freestyle Kabura has been a proven sensational performer when the fishing is tough. A number of subtle design elements combine to deliver a lure that stimulates an aggresive bite.



  • Lethal on local fish species including snapper, kingfish, kahawai, gurnard, John Dory & many others

  • UV reflective

  • High quality Japanese hooks

  • Japenese technology proven to get more bites




Please note – Colour image for White Warrior B (Silver head/green tail) is for colour identification only. Product shown is different to one listed here.

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Size and Colour

100g Orange Assassin, 100g Shady Lady, 100g White Warrior B, 120g White Warrior, 60g Shady Lady, 60g White Warrior B, 80g Shady Lady, 80g White Warrior A, Red Ripper 60g, Shady Lady 60g, Shady Lady 80g, White Warrior 120g, White Warrior 60g, White Warrior 80g, White Warrior A 80g, White Warrior B 60g