Catch Fishing The Beady Eye Kabura


Orange Assassin 10.6g
Orange Assassin 14g
Orange Assassin 17.7g
Orange Assassin 21g
Orange Assassin 28g
Orange Assassin 7g
Orange Crackled 120g
Orange Crackled 150g
Pink Crackled 120g
Pink Crackled 150g
White Warrior 10.6g
White Warrior 120g
White Warrior 14g
White Warrior 150g
White Warrior 17.7g
White Warrior 21g
White Warrior 28g
White Warrior 60g
White Warrior 7g
White Warrior 80g

The latest technology has been built into this sliding lure to get more bites. The unique shape gives a rocking action on descent to attract fish to your lure. The bouyant skirts come alive in the water, and predatory fish are instinctively programmed to recognise them as food. 


Simple to use:

Tie your leader to the dyneema loop using a low-profile knot. It’s important that the sliding head can slide over your knot. Drop to the sea floor and wind very slowly. If you feel a bite, don’t strike. Continue to wind slowly.

Keep rod tip pressure on the fish as you wind it in. Remember you are fishing with small hooks that are just through the skin of the lip, so don’t be too aggressive. 


White Warrior – Silver head with Green & Black tail

Orange Assassin – Orange & Gold head with Orange & Black tail

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Size and Colour

Orange Assassin 10.6g, Orange Assassin 120g, Orange Assassin 14g, Orange Assassin 17.7g, Orange Assassin 21g, Orange Assassin 28g, Orange Assassin 7g, Orange Crackle 150g, Orange Crackled 120g, Orange Crackled 150g, Pink Crackle 120g, Pink Crackle 150g, Pink Crackled 120g, Pink Crackled 150g, White Warrior 10.6g, White Warrior 120g, White Warrior 14g, White Warrior 150g, White Warrior 17.7g, White Warrior 21g, White Warrior 28g, White Warrior 60g, White Warrior 7g, White Warrior 80g