Catch Beady Eye Kabura


10.6g Orange Assassin
10.6g White Warrior
100g Black Ninja
100g Lethal Chartreuse
100g Orange Crackle
100g Pink Crackle
100g White Warrior
120g Black Ninja
120g Lethal Chartreuse
120g Orange Crackle
120g Pink Crackle
120g White Warrior
14g Orange Assassin
14g White Warrior
150g Black Ninja
150g Lethal Chartreuse
150g Orange Crackle
150g Pink Crackle
150g White Warrior
17.7g Orange Assassin
17.7g White Warrior
21g Orange Assassin
21g White Warrior
28g Orange Assassin
28g White Warrior
60g Black Ninja
60g Lethal Chartreuse
60g Orange Crackle
60g Pink Crackle
60g White Warrior
7g Orange Assassin
7g White Warrior
80g Black Ninja
80g Lethal Chartreuse
80g Orange Crackle
80g Pink Crackle
80g White Warrior

The Kabura is a sensational performer when the fishing is tough and with a fresh new shape, enticing colours and larger improved hooks, the Beady Eye is an unstoppable force. The curved bottom of this lure ensures skirts are off the bottom even when the lure is just sitting and the Tenya design creates action on the drop. Curved base of this lure ensures skirts are off the bottom even when the lure is just sitting.



  • Four bright colours with UV and glow
  • Weights from 7gr to 150gr (7-28gr available only in Orange and White)
  • Lethal on local fish species including snapper, kingfish, kahawai, gurnard, John dory & many others.
  • High quality Japanese hooks.
  • The small 7gm Kabura is a must have lure for kayak, landbased, and fresh-water fishermen alike. This lure performs exceptionally well in the shallows with good hang time and an extremely enticing action.
Additional information

10.6g Orange Assassin, 10.6g White Warrior, 100g Black Ninja, 100g Lethal Chartreuse, 100g Orange Crackle, 100g Pink Crackle, 100g White Warrior, 120g Black Ninja, 120g Lethal Chartreuse, 120g Orange Crackle, 120g Orange Crackled, 120g Pink Crackle, 120g Pink Crackled, 120g White Warrior, 14g Orange Assassin, 14g White Warrior, 150g Black Ninja, 150g Lethal Chartreuse, 150g Orange Crackle, 150g Orange Crackled, 150g Pink Crackle, 150g Pink Crackled, 150g White Warrior, 17.7g Orange Assassin, 17.7g White Warrior, 21g Orange Assassin, 21g White Warrior, 28g Orange Assassin, 28g White Warrior, 60g Black Ninja, 60g Lethal Chartreuse, 60g Orange Crackle, 60g Pink Crackle, 60g White Warrior, 7g Orange Assassin, 7g White Warrior, 80g Black Ninja, 80g Lethal Chartreuse, 80g Orange Crackle, 80g Pink Crackle, 80g White Warrior, Orange Assassin 10.6g, Orange Assassin 120g, Orange Assassin 14g, Orange Assassin 17.7g, Orange Assassin 21g, Orange Assassin 28g, Orange Assassin 7g, Orange Crackle 150g, Orange Crackled 120g, Orange Crackled 150g, Pink Crackle 120g, Pink Crackle 150g, Pink Crackled 120g, Pink Crackled 150g, White Warrior 10.6g, White Warrior 120g, White Warrior 14g, White Warrior 150g, White Warrior 17.7g, White Warrior 21g, White Warrior 28g, White Warrior 60g, White Warrior 7g, White Warrior 80g