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Kingfish Pack
Snapper Pack

Kingfish Pack:

The Catch Kingfish Value Pack comes complete with several of our best jigs designed to target kingfish in weights from 150 grams to 300 grams, split-ring pliers and a waterproof lure box.

Contains –

  • 5 various styles of jig flavoured by kingfish
  • Catch split-ring pliers
  • 1 x 360 x 250 x 50mm waterproof tackle box


Snapper Pack:

The Catch Snapper Value Pack comes complete with a professionally selected range of snapper lures in a custom designed waterproof lure box.

Contains –

  • Catch waterproof 360 x 230  50mm tackle box
  • 1 x 60g Freestyle Kabura
  • 1 x Catch microfibre towel
  • 1 x 60g Squidwings
  • 2 x 60g Beta Bugs
  • 1 x 80g The Boss
  • 1 x 20g Micro Jig
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Kingfish Pack, Snapper Pack