Catch Stingaz Tenya Elevator Jig Heads


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2oz (Qty 2)
4oz (Qty 2)
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Catch Stingaz Elevator jig heads are designed with large soft baits such as Catch’s 10-inch Black Label Livies.

Coated with glow in the dark, they are ideal for soft baiting with a rocking action on the drop. They also have a second attachment point for a replaceable assist hook or inline rigging hook. Available in 2oz with 5/0 stainless hook or 4oz and 6oz with 7/0 hook.



  • 5/0 (2oz) or 7/0 (4oz and 6oz) stainless steel hooks
  • 2nd attachment point for secondary for assist hook or inline rigging hook
  • Glow-in-the-dark coating
  • Rocking action on the drop and retrieve
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2oz (Qty 2), 4oz (Qty 2), 6oz (Qty 1)