Catch Stingaz Tenya Jig Heads


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1/2oz (Qty 4)
1/2oz Orange Assassin
1/2oz White Warrior
1/4oz (Qty 4)
1/4oz Orange Assassin*
1/4oz White Warrior
1oz (Qty 3)
1oz Orange Assassin
1oz White Warrior
3/4oz (Qty 3)
3/4oz Orange Assassin
3/4oz White Warrior
3/8oz (Qty 4)
3/8oz Orange Assassin
3/8oz White Warrior
5/8oz (Qty 4)
5/8oz Orange Assassin*
5/8oz White Warrior

Catch introduces Tenya-style softbait jig techniques to Australia with the release of Stingaz Jigheads



  • 3/0 stainless steel hooks
  • 2nd attachment point for secondary stinger hook – this increases hook up rate significantly! 80% of catches are reported to be via this second hook.
  • UV coated (colour models)
  • Accentuated rocking action built into head
  • Angled hook to optimise position in the current and when jig head rests on the bottom



  • Available in: 1/4oz (7g), 3/8oz (10.6g), 1/2oz (14g), 5/8oz (17.7g), 3/4oz (21g), 1oz (28g) weights
  • Options: Various weights & qty packets available for the standard metal jig heads. Coloured (White Warrior or Orange Assassin) sold as singles only. 
  • Some models come with assist hooks. These are indicated with an asterix (*) at the end of the variant name. 
  • For all other models assist hooks available separately.

Combine with Catch Livies for the ultimate in softbaiting action.

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1/2oz (Qty 4), 1/2oz Orange Assassin, 1/2oz White Warrior, 1/4oz (Qty 4), 1/4oz Orange Assassin*, 1/4oz White Warrior, 1oz (Qty 3), 1oz Orange Assassin, 1oz White Warrior, 3/4oz (Qty 3), 3/4oz Orange Assassin, 3/4oz White Warrior, 3/8oz (Qty 4), 3/8oz Orange Assassin, 3/8oz White Warrior, 5/8oz (Qty 4), 5/8oz Orange Assassin*, 5/8oz White Warrior