Catch The Harrier Jig Heads


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Catch’s Techincal jig heads the Harrier are ideal for use with soft baits.  Available in 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 5/8oz, 3/4oz and 1oz weights all with a Stainless Steel 3/0 hook.

UV coated they are ideal for softbaiting with their darting action on the drop and retrieve.  They also have a second attachment point for a replaceable assist hook or inline rigging hook.



  • Hydrodynamically designed to move quickly through the water
  • Assists giving softbaits a realistic swim action on the retrieve
  • Coated with UV paint to make the jighead highly visible, even in low light conditions
  • Second attachment point for assist hook or alternative rigging
  • Super strong short shank 3/0 stainless steel hook
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1/2oz (Qty 4), 1/4oz (Qty 4), 1oz (Qty 3), 3/4oz (Qty 3), 3/8oz (Qty 4), 5/8oz (Qty 4)