Catch Zingaz Stickbait


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120g Ballistic Blue
120g Black Ninja
120g Cyan Supreme
120g Green Reaper
120g Orange Assassin
20g Ballistic Blue
20g Black Ninja
20g Cyan Supreme
20g Green Reaper
20g Orange Assassin
35g Black Ninja
35g Cyan Supreme
35g Orange Assassin
90g Ballistic Blue
90g Black Ninja
90g Cyan Supreme
90g Green Reaper
90g Orange Assassin

The Zingaz® stickbait from Catch is manufactured from a heavy duty ABS thermoplastic polymer.

The lure will dart, weave and pop on the retrieve to create the illusion of a panicked baitfish. It is suitable for targeting kingfish, GTs, tuna, and even billfish.



  • Rigged with 1/0, 3/0, 6/0 single hooks.
  • Available in floating (20, 35, 90g) and sinking (120g)
  • 5 vibrant holographic finishes of Ballistic Blue, Green Reaper, Black Ninja, Orange Assassin and Cyan Supreme
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120g Ballistic Blue, 120g Black Ninja, 120g Cyan Supreme, 120g Green Reaper, 120g Orange Assassin, 20g Ballistic Blue, 20g Black Ninja, 20g Cyan Supreme, 20g Green Reaper, 20g Orange Assassin, 35g Black Ninja, 35g Cyan Supreme, 35g Orange Assassin, 90g Ballistic Blue, 90g Black Ninja, 90g Cyan Supreme, 90g Green Reaper, 90g Orange Assassin