ChaseBaits Armour Prawn


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110mm Glow Zombie
110mm Green Prawn
110mm Jelly Prawn
110mm Native Prawn
110mm Neon
110mm Pink Devil
85mm Glow Zombie
85mm Green Prawn
85mm Jelly Prawn
85mm Native Prawn
85mm Neon
85mm Pink Devil

The Armour Prawn is a super tough hard body prawn built to battle big fish. With a hard flicking tail, lifelike profile and tough hooks and split ring, this will become your go-to lure. Use the front tow point to glide across the flats or use the rear tow point for hard vibing action to really get some attention. 

With a unique combination of realism and versatility the all new Armour Prawn is every inshore anglers dream! Available in 110mm (25g) and 85mm (13g) with 2 tow points giving 2 great actions – Hard, tight vibrating action or a gliding and twitching action. The hard segmented tail joined with a Kevlar cloth allows for a natural kick and stable sink whilst the rear hook keeper holds the treble in place. Natural and UV colours, Nylon feelers and painted eyes will make this new range the go-to lure for Fresh and Saltwater fisho’s.



  • 85mm (3.25″) – 13g (1/2oz)
  • 110mm (4.25″) – 25g (5/6oz)
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110mm Glow Zombie, 110mm Green Prawn, 110mm Jelly Prawn, 110mm Native Prawn, 110mm Neon, 110mm Pink Devil, 85mm Glow Zombie, 85mm Green Prawn, 85mm Jelly Prawn, 85mm Native Prawn, 85mm Neon, 85mm Pink Devil