Coast DX311 Black Magic Double Lock Folding Knife


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With a checkered fiberglass-filled nylon handle for a secure grip and a partially serrated blade, the DX311 is a sleek and useful daily carry. Utilizing our Double Lock technology, anyone can work with confidence knowing that the added safety prevents the knife from accidentally closing. It easily opens with one hand using a thumb hole in the blade, and you can adjust the three-position pocket clip to adapt to your carrying style.



  • 4inch blade
  • 7cr17 stainless steel blade
  • Nylon handle 


Double lock – One blade, twice the safety. During standard use, the Liner-Lock automatically engages and locks the blade open. But when you need to make more rugged cuts, push the Double Lock switch forward to block the Liner-Lock from possibly disengaging and allowing the blade to close on your hand. Adjust the safety detent-action (which controls how easily the knife closes) with the tension screw on the side of the knife.

Three position knife clip – Carry your knife how it suits you best. Use COAST’s Three Position Knife Clip to adjust the pocket clip to how wear the knife, with easy access to your dominant hand.

Thumb hole – Easy opening for righties and lefties. COAST knives with a Thumb Hole—a small opening near the base of the blade—make one-handed opening quick and easy. The hole also reduces overall knife weight.



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