Crab N’ Gear Crab Pots (Available in-store only)


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1000mm Pro Pot
4 x 1000mm Pro Pots
4 x 900mm Pro Pots
4 x 900mm Pup Pots
4 x 900mm TopLift Pots
900mm Pro Pot
900mm Pup Pot
900mm TopLift Pot

900mm Pup Pot:

The term Pup is short for Pop Up. The Pup Pot is an Australian Design which can be operated by the youngest to the oldest Crabber. These Pots have hot dipped galv steel with 316 stainless door hooks. The net we use is 30 Ply 55mm Mesh. This size comes with  42 ply bait bag sewn into the base of the pot.


900mm TopLift:

The TopLift Pot is made with 10mm top and 12mm bottom galvanised steel rings with built in 42 ply bait bag. The bait bag is accessed through a door from under the pot. This pot has 4 entry funnels which is constructed from 30 ply black net. The upright posts are made from aluminium, which is the Crab N’ Gear registered design.


900mm & 1000mm Pro Pot:

The Pro Pot is a heavy duty crab pot with 4 entry points. It features 10mm galvanised steel top ring and 12mm galvanised steel bottom ring. It also has an extra door in base of the pot to access sewn in bait bag and stainless door hooks.

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1000mm Pro Pot, 4 x 1000mm Pro Pots, 4 x 900mm Pro Pots, 4 x 900mm Pup Pots, 4 x 900mm TopLift Pots, 900mm Pro Pot, 900mm Pup Pot, 900mm TopLift Pot