Crabcatcha Heavy Duty Metal Bait Cage


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Side Load
Top Load - Deep
Top Load - Shallow
Side Load
Top Load (Live bait can be used)

Crabcatcha metal bait cages are the toughest crab pot bait holder, being the first of their kind on the market. Designed and built in Australia using heavy duty galvanised mesh with galvanised and stainless steel fittings. Crabcatcha metal bait cages are salt water resistant and have been rigorously tested with the biggest mud crabs in Far North Queensland. Crabcatcha metal bait cages use NO PLASTICS, protecting our waterways and wildlife.

  • Available in Top Load as Shallow and Deep or Side Load (Shallow only)
  • 2.5mm gauge wire


Tips for use:

Using medium size bait in the Crabcatcha cage has great results, allowing the bait to drift around in the current inside the cage making it very difficult for the crabs to get a hold of. This promotes the bait staying in your pot for maximum time, attracting more crabs. The other option which is the first of its kind, Crabcatcha bait cage allows live bait to be inserted into the cage. The bait will stay alive for days with the freedom of being able to swim and feed as per normal, as the bait is alive it avoids crabs catching them. Resulting in less crab pot checks and changes of bait, while still attracting maximum crab numbers.



Rinse in fresh water after use.

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Side Load, Top Load, Top Load – Deep, Top Load – Shallow


Side Load, Top Load (Live bait can be used)