DStyle Reserve Topwater


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003 Smelt
004 Ayu
008 Spawn Gill
031 Shirauo

A new concept in surface lure that Australian Bass, Saratoga, Sooty Grunter and Jungle Perch will find very hard to refuse. Super realistic baitfish profile that works just as well on the pause as it does on the retrieve.

A new concept in Japanese lure engineering, the DSTYLE Reserve Topwater is a small baitfish imitating topwater that induces bass into striking with its erratic and slow shaking action. Featuring a unique translucent wing system that slows the forward movement of the retrieve and creates the illusion of a weak struggling baitfish on the surface, the translucent wings are also equipped with 3D eyes to mimic several baitfish busting and tangling on the surface as well. The Reserve Topwater can be retrieved several ways. A slow twitch-and-stop retrieve mimics a single wounded baitfish on the surface, while a steady retrieve mimics a small school trying to flee and evade predators.

Outfitted with a rear black tail feather to help define the Reserve Topwater’s shape and add a realistic appeal, it is also armed with a sticky sharp Hayabusa Fluorine Coated Treble Hook for lightning fast hook penetration and an increased fish landing ratio. Available in a range of highly realistic airbrushed paintjobs, the DSTYLE Reserve Topwater is the product of fine detail and craftsmanship that Japanese Lures are known for around the world.


004 Ayu 5g 70mm
003 Smelt 5g 70mm
008 Spawngill 5g 70mm
031 Shirauo N/A 70mm
032 Amagaeru N/A 70mm
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003 – Smelt, 003 Smelt, 004 – Ayu, 004 Ayu, 008 – Spawn Gill, 008 Spawn Gill, 031 – Shira-Uo, 031 Shira-Uo, 031 Shirauo