FatBoy Lures Mini Maverick 5″


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F04 Firefox
F05 Evil
F10 Pink Thing
F20 Blue Saury
F33 Lumo
F47 Maui Magic

The FatBoy Lures Mini Maverick is another great all-species, all-tackle, all-weather trolling lure that is very easy to use. Features a cupped-face and gentle double-taper profile which produces a very stable action, strong head shake and thick bubble trail. Swims well across a wide range of trolling speeds, from 4 to 12 knots, depending on weather conditions. 

The Mini Maverick is fitted with 5.5″ skirts, making it the perfect size for everything from Striped Tuna to Striped Marlin; although it is especially ideal for small Black Marlin, Sailfish, Southern Bluefin Tuna and Mahi Mahi. You don’t want to leave the dock without one of these in your lure roll!



  • 5.5″ skirt
  • Single hook
  • All FatBoy Lures come rigged by professionals to International IGFA Standards with High Quality Hi-Seas Monofilament and a single Sabre 192S Stainless Steel Hook.
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F04 Firefox, F05 Evil, F10 Pink Thing, F20 Blue Saury, F33 Lumo, F47 Maui Magic