Fatboy Squid Chain Teaser


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Rigged 4x9" Pink Squid

FatBoy Squid Fish Chain Teasers are the ideal surface splash teaser to troll for all Billfish & Tuna species. Each chain is bench rigged on 300lb mono and features 5 x FatBoy Soft Squid baits with a loop formed at each to allow additional teasers or lures to be clipped at the front or tail of the chain. This classic daisy chain teaser is a great way to add splash & colour to your spread when trying to raise & excite all Billfish & Tuna species, as well as Mahi Mahi, Yellowtail Kingfish and all other large pelagics. Supplied in a nylon mesh pouch to facilitate easy wash down and storage after use.

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4 x 9" Squid Rigged – Pink, Rigged 4×9" Pink Squid