Flambeau Tuff Tainer Tackle Boxes


The foundation of Flambeau tackle storage—the Tuff Tainer® with patented anti-corrosion Zerust protection infused into the dividers. Select a model below to see more information.


Featuring revolutionary Zerust technology molded directly into the plastic, the Flambeau Tuff ‘Tainer Tackle Boxes provides the ultimate worry-free corrosion protection for your tackle.

Zerust-infused plastics emit an odorless, harmless vapor in a contained area to naturally form a protective layer around exposed, clean metal surfaces to prevent oxidation-reduction and stop rust and corrosion.

There’s no need for messy VCI cardboard chips that lose their potency when they get wet or any other corrosion-protection, as they feature Zerust dividers providing easy compartments when required.

Zerust has proven to be the absolute best way to protect your tackle against rust and corrosion. Molded into the Tuff Tainer dividers, this patented polymer emits a harmless vapor, forming a protective layer around metal surfaces.

Model Dimensions (approx.) Compartments Additional Info
1002 11cm L x 8.5cm W x 3cm D 6 (includes 2 Zerust dividers)
2003 17cm L x 10cm W x 3.5cm D 18 (includes 15 Zerust dividers)
3003 23cm L x 12.5cm W x 3cm D 18 (includes 9 Zerust dividers)
4004 28cm L x 18.5cm W x 3cm D 20 (includes 12 short and 3 long Zerust dividers)
9007 Double Deep Satchel Divider 38cm L x 35.5cm W x 9cm D 18 (includes 12 Zerust dividers) Perfect for saltwater outfits or large lure storage
4510 Super Half Satchel Soft Bait Organiser 38cm L x 20cm W x 16cm D 4 bulk storage compartments with 3 Zerust dividers
  • Ideal for convienty organising soft bait packages
  • Easy carry handle
Additional information

1002, 2003, 3003, 4004, 4510, 9007