Fuji Tip Repair Kit


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"O" Ring Heavy
"O" Ring Light
"O" Ring Medium

Fuji Rod Tip Repair Kits take the guess work out of repairing your favourite fishing rod.


Approximately 80% of tips on existing fishing rods are either a P frame or the stronger UX type, so selecting a tip type is easy in the Fuji pre-packaged repair kits. They come in 3 variants of P frame with various sized tips and one in the UX style.


To repair a broken tip, simply match the ring diameter of the replacement tip to the nearest existing guide. Measure the diameter across the ring in the guide and choose the corresponding tip. These measurements are expressed in millimetres.


Next, determine the size or diameter of the tip sleeve you need by measuring the diameter of the blank about 1cm from the end. Tips come with a measurement called a tip pipe diameter. This is the measurement you should match to your blank diameter. For example a blank measurement of 3.6mm at 1cm from the end will mean you choose a tip with a tip pipe diameter of 3.6.


Once you have combined your ring size and tip diameter, which are referenced as 10/3.6 and means for example 10mm ring diameter and 3.6 tip pipe diameter, you can reapply a new one using a lighter and some Fuji hot melt glue on the end of the blank and slide the tip sleeve over the blank securely.



Packs contain the following sizes:

Fuji Light:   BPOT 6/1.8, BPOT 6/2.2, BPOT 6/2.6

Fuji Medium:   BPOT 8/2.2, BPOT 8/2.6, BPOT 8/3.0

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"O" Ring Heavy, "O" Ring Light, "O" Ring Medium