Full Scale Tackle Bank Sinkers


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Green Glow 3oz
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Green Glow 8oz
Pink Glow 3oz
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Full Scale Tackle Bank Sinkers are made in Australia. The traditional hexagonal bank design reduces spinning during casting or dropping compared with the sharp-eged, 4-sided snapper leads.


Qty 2 per pkt.

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Green Glow 3oz, Green Glow 4oz, Green Glow 6oz, Green Glow 8oz, Green Size 3, Green Size 4, Green Size 8, Pink Glow 3oz, Pink Glow 4oz, Pink Glow 8oz, Pink Size 3, Pink Size 4, Pink Size 8, White 3oz, White 4oz, White Glow 3oz, White Glow 4oz, White Glow 6oz, White Glow 8oz, White Size 3, White Size 4, White Size 8