Gary Howard Estuary Series Rods


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IMPORTANT: Due to their size not all rods are available for shipping. When you select a rod it will indicate as to whether or not it can be shipped.

Some rods may incur extra shipping fees; if this is the case we will contact you after purchase. Feel free to contact us prior to purchase should you wish to confirm shipping price.

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LM (Alvey) / 1pce
LM (Alvey) / 2pce
MM (Spin) / 1pce
MM (Spin) / 2pce
7ft 4W (2-4kg)
8ft 4W (2-5kg)
9ft 3W (2-4kg)
9ft 3W (2-5kg)
Deluxe 9ft 4W (2-4kg)
Glow Tip 9ft 3W (2-4kg)
Glow Tip 9ft 3W (2-5kg)
Please note: 1 piece rods over 6'6" cannot be shipped and are available in-store only. Please ensure you select the correct option when checking out. Thank you.

Traditional estuary anglers will appreciate the slow action of these custom designed rods. Each rod has been designed with specific attributes suited to popular species such as bream, blackfish, flathead and whiting. Gary’s passion for estuary and light-surf fishing is evident in the quality actions and finishes. All rods in the range are fitted with Fuji guides with binds sealed with a high-gloss two-pack epoxy.



  • MM – Mid Mount – match with a spin reel
  • LM – Low Mount – match with an Alvey reel
  • W (eg 3W) – Indicates the wrap of the rod; how many wraps/layers of fibreglass the rod has.



  • Estuary (Slow Action) – The estuary series is one of the most popular in the Gary Howard series. As the name suggests, these rods are designed for light estuary fishing. With rod ratings from 2-4kg (on most models) they are a perfect light rod. They are available in a range of lengths, mount positions and wraps in both 1 and 2 piece designs. You’re sure to find your perfect Estuary rod in this collection.
  • Estuary Deluxe (Slow Action) – The Estuary Deluxe series have all the same features of the Estuary series with the exception that these are 4W rods. Available in low or mid mount and come as a one 1 piece only.
  • Glow Tip (Slow Action) – All the features of the estuary series rods, now with a glow tip!
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Mount & Pieces

LM (Alvey) / 1pce, LM (Alvey) / 2pce, MM (Spin) / 1pce, MM (Spin) / 2pce


7ft 4W (2-4kg), 8ft 4W (2-5kg), 9ft 3W (2-4kg), 9ft 3W (2-5kg), Deluxe 9ft 4W (2-4kg), Glow Tip 9ft 3W (2-4kg), Glow Tip 9ft 3W (2-5kg)