Gillies Ockta Lure


100g Blue
100g Fire Tiger
100g Pink
100g Red
60g Blue
60g Fire Tiger
60g Pink
60g Red
80g Blue
80g Fire Tiger
80g Pink
80g Red

Incorporating Japanese design and technology, the Ockta lure is effective in attracting reef and bottom  dwelling as well as pelagic species. These lures have a unique action and can be fished with most retrieve styles. They can be straight jigged, bounce jigged while drifting and cast and retrieved. With two exceptionally sharp swinging forged hooks set up on Kevlar connectors, hook up rates are increased. Ockta lures are perfectly balanced as to allow the lure to pulsate the skirts giving the appearance of a swimming octopus. There are 4 great fish attracting colours with added glow in the dark features, holographic finish on the lure head and glow live eyes. 


Once you drop your jig, the last few seconds of the drop are the most crucial as it’s the time when game fish take notice of the jig’s fluttering “wounded bait fish” movement. In many instances they’ll chase it down a few meters and strike just as it starts darting upwards, but the presentation has to be right. If your jig stops fluttering and goes lifeless for more than a second between hitting the bottom or target area and darting back upwards, any fish  looking at it will immediately back off . The way to prevent this from happening is to keep a finger on your spool to make sure line doesn’t come off too fast and get blown by the wind or taken by the current.  You want to have as little line slack as possible, so as to be able to immediately start moving your jig.



  • 60g – 100mm
  • 80g – 110mm
  • 100g – 110mm
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100g Blue, 100g Fire Tiger, 100g Pink, 100g Red, 60g Blue, 60g Fire Tiger, 60g Pink, 60g Red, 80g Blue, 80g Fire Tiger, 80g Pink, 80g Red