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3" Bait Fish
3" Drop Shot
3" Motor Oil
3" Red Pepper
3" Southern Sky
3" UV Croc Bait

Qty 8 per pkt.


UV Croc Bait –

This new colour has been specifically developed with big Flathead in mind, hence the name UV Croc Bait. We don’t just make lures that we think fisherman will buy. We rigously field test them before releasing them to the market. During testing the Croc Bait caught many species some of the speices that took a liking to it were our target speicies Flathead, Mulloway, Snapper, Tuna, Trevally and many reef species.

Motor Oil – 

In the sun the Motor Oil skin is a green with a ruby oil under tone body. It lights up in the water with the sun and darkens when cloud is about. The UV properties make it perfect for dirty or low light conditions. 

Red Pepper –

This colour changes from black to a red skin tone in the light. It’s an outstanding all-rounder that provides a perfect contrast in the water for both clear and murky waters. This lure will work on just about everything, anywhere! Snapper belt it and Big Flatties smash it.

Bait Fish – 

The Gobblers Lures Bait Fish is a very effective colour and shares the same colour characteristics found in most of the common bait fish found in Australian waters. Not many fish ignore this colour and it makes it easy to target a wide variety of species. The lure changes colour from a Clear to an Aqua Green colour when hit in certain angles by the light just like the bait fish. A must have in any collection.

Drop Shot – 

The Gobblers Lures Drop Shot has been carefully designed to look like a White Bait and is extremely effective on a wide range of species. Milky white in appearance, this colour is a go to lure over shallow reefs. It also works well in the estuaries and there are not many fish that will ignore this colour.

Southern Sky –

The Gobblers Lures Southern Sky has been carefully designed to look like a Sardine or Pilchard. Mixed with the exclusive light refracting formula, it is deadly on just about everything and is an extremely effective all-rounder for the Estuaries, Bay and Offshore.


Please note: Images are for colour reference.

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3" Bait Fish, 3" Drop Shot, 3" Motor Oil, 3" Red Pepper, 3" Southern Sky, 3" UV Croc Bait