GoldOcean Heavyweight Live Bait Hooks


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This hooks is as tough as they come, designed and built for strength when it comes to fishing for yellowfin, marlin, broadbill, sharks, mulloway and kingfish.


Whether you are using a live or dead bait, this hook will fit the bill. If you are targeting big fish by suspending a live bait underneath a balloon or bobby cork, you would pin this hook in the middle of the fish’s back, just above the lateral line.


If using a paternoster rig, you would pin it through the bridge of the nose. This would then allow the fish to swim naturally in the current.



  • Forged shank
  • Two-stage barb
  • Ultra-anti rust
  • Ringed eye
  • Heavy wire construction
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Size 10/0 (Qty 3), Size 6/0 (Qty 6), Size 7/0 (Qty 4), Size 8/0 (Qty 4), Size 9/0 (Qty 3)