Halco RMG Scorpion 125


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XDD Green Fluoro
XDD King Brown
XDD Mullet
XDD Psychedelic Pink
XDD White RedHead

Renowned as one of Australia’s best barramundi lures, the RMG Scorpion 125 will not disappoint. Ritchies comes rigged with three deadly sharp trebles that even the best aerialist species will struggle to shake, and comes in a range of colours with one for every situation. Make sure for your next trip up the creek, you don’t leave this guy behind.



  • Depth: 0.75cm SR / 3m STD / 5m DD / 8m+ Crazy Deep XDD
  • Weight: 20g
  • Length:125mm
  • Hooks: #2 Mustad 5XX Trebles
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Speed: 1 -7 Knots
  • Applications: Trolling, Casting
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XDD Green Fluoro, XDD King Brown, XDD Mullet, XDD Psychedelic Pink, XDD White RedHead