Halco Twisty Chrome Metal Lures


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20g Chrome
20g Red
30g Chrome
30g Red
40g Chrome
40g Red
55g Chrome
55g Red

The curved ends of the famous Twisty Chrome create an enticing action like no other metal lure. From a slow wobbling retrieve to a high-speed splashing retrieve, this lure is truly versatile. The Twisty Chrome has an incredibly realistic baitfish profile that has proven itself in both salt and freshwater, from pelagics like bonito and tuna, to tailor and Australian salmon. The smaller varieties have been proven to chase trout in rivers and dams, making this lure incredibly versatile.

For best results, vary speed and angle of retrieve, and choose different colours to match the available baitfish in the area. The Twisty Chrome comes in a range of weights. Constructed with a shiny chrome body, anglers have the choice of either a chrome, green, or red holographic variety in a weight from 1.5g up to 70g.



  • Chrome plated
  • Sinking
  • Mustad trebles
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20g Chrome, 20g Red, 30g Chrome, 30g Red, 40g Chrome, 40g Red, 55g Chrome, 55g Red