Harbor Octopus Skirts


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3.5" Lumo Glow
3.5" Orange Head Glow
3.5" Pink Head Glow
3.5" UV Pink Clear
3.5" UV Solid Pink
3.5" White Glow/Red Eye
3" Lumo Glow
3" Orange Head Glow
3" Pink Head Glow
3" UV Pink Clear
3" UV Solid Pink
3" White Glow/Red Eye
4" Lumo Glow
4" Orange Head Glow
4" Pink Head Glow
4" UV Pink Clear
4" UV Solid Pink
4" White Glow/Red Eye

Harbor Octopus Skirts are designed to be used for DIY assist tying/fixing, as a teaser on paternoster reef fishing rigs and as a teaser over the front of a bait for trolling or balloon fishing. They come in a range of colours and sizes.

Qty 5 per pkt.

Additional information

3.5" Lumo Glow, 3.5" Orange Head Glow, 3.5" Pink Head Glow, 3.5" UV Pink Clear, 3.5" UV Solid Pink, 3.5" White Glow/Red Eye, 3" Lumo Glow, 3" Orange Head Glow, 3" Pink Head Glow, 3" UV Pink Clear, 3" UV Solid Pink, 3" White Glow/Red Eye, 4" Lumo Glow, 4" Orange Head Glow, 4" Pink Head Glow, 4" UV Pink Clear, 4" UV Solid Pink, 4" White Glow/Red Eye