Head Start Ballyhoo System Rig


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Diver - Clear
Diver - Green
Diver - Pink
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Surface - Clear
Surface - Green
Surface - Pink
Surface - Red
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The Head Start Ballyhoo System is a quick-rigging system for ballyhoo, squid and other bait fish. It gives dead bait a very natural swimming action which attracts game fish strikes at a variety of trolling speeds. The system was designed for ballyhoo, but all over the world fisherman are rigging it with a variety of baits in both salt and fresh water.

Molded of polycarbonate, it has been awarded a U.S. patent for its unique through-the-eye locking system. This creative system ensures that the bait does not spin, which prevents line twists and tangles. Both the diver and surface runner give any bait an exciting action, resulting in more strikes and with the hook located in the tail of the bait fish, more hook-ups.

The two options rig virtually the same but the diver has a lip and sinker on the front. Using frozen or fresh ballyhoo, start by snapping off the beak. Insert the chain and hook using a rigging needle through the anal opening and out of the mouth.

Then open the head and insert the bait into the head of the lure. After breaking the backbone of the ballyhoo/pilchard, start trolling. They have great action on the surface and deep diving. As for the divers, the slower you go the deeper they go. At 8-9 knots they will dive 3-5 feet. They can be used on a downrigger or even a planer to get them deeper. I’ve caught grouper on them trolling at 8 knots even in water depths of 40-50 feet without a downrigger or planer.



  • Rigs in 20 seconds
  • True running every time
  • Eliminates bait wash-out
  • Rigs bait fish, strips and squid
  • Durable, compact and versatile
  • Adjustable hook location
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Diver – Clear, Diver – Green, Diver – Pink, Diver – Red, Diver – Yellow, Surface – Clear, Surface – Green, Surface – Pink, Surface – Red, Surface – Yellow