HI-SEAS Grand Slam Game Leader


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150lb / 100yds
200lb / 100yds
300lb / 100yds
400lb / 100yds

For serious sport & game fishing there’s Hi-Seas Grand Slam Big Game Leader, made from our finest grade of premium nylon monofilament. Hi-Seas Grand Slam Big Game Leader is suitable for all heavy-duty offshore fishing; including live & dead baiting, lure trolling, jigging & popping. This leader exhibits superior abrasion resistance for durability, whilst still remaining supple for a natural presentation and ease of handling. Grand Slam Big Game Leader is easily knottable in the lighter classes, whilst it’s proprietary formula is designed for use with aluminum crimping sleeves for the strongest possible connection when targetting species such as Marlin, Swordfish, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and all other big game species!


Available in 100yd hanks. Clear colour.

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150lb / 100yds, 200lb / 100yds, 300lb / 100yds, 400lb / 100yds