Jarvis Walker Bulk Mono Line


10lb/4.6kg - 1100m
12lb/5.4kg - 1000m
15lb/6.8kg - 650m
20lb/9.1kg - 550m
25lb/11.3kg - 450m
30lb/13.6kg - 330m
40lb/18.2kg - 250m
50lb/22.7kg - 220m
6lb/2.7kg - 1400m

Jarvis Walker’s Bulk Line is great value green monofilament line and plenty of it! These bulk spools are ideal for any angler with big spools to fill, with many spools to fill, or who change line regularly to optimise their chances of landing every fish hooked.



  • Super Tough Nylon
  • Low Stretch
  • Low Visibility
Additional information

10lb/4.6kg – 1100m, 12lb/5.4kg – 1000m, 15lb/6.8kg – 650m, 20lb/9.1kg – 550m, 25lb/11.3kg – 450m, 30lb/13.6kg – 330m, 40lb/18.2kg – 250m, 50lb/22.7kg – 220m, 6lb/2.7kg – 1400m, BULK MONO LINE Size 10lb/4.6kg 1100metres, BULK MONO LINE Size 12lb/5.4kg 1000metres, BULK MONO LINE Size 15lb/6.8kg 650metres, BULK MONO LINE Size 20lb/9.1kg 550metres, BULK MONO LINE Size 25lb/11.3kg 450metres, BULK MONO LINE Size 30lb/13.6kg 330metres, BULK MONO LINE Size 40lb/18.2kg 250metres, BULK MONO LINE Size 50lb/22.7kg 220metres