Jarvis Walker Handcasters


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Colours may vary from images shown.

11.5cm - 9lb/100m
15cm - 15lb/100m
19cm - 15lb/100m
19cm - 30lb/100m
19cm - 40lb/100m
24.5cm - 100lb/100m
24.5cm - Unrigged

Jarvis Walker Handcasters are available in plain or rigged models. The plain un-rigged handcasters are amazing value and offer anglers a choice 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ models in a range of colours. The rigged handcasters include a 4″ model rigged with 12lb line, a size 4 hook and a size 1 ball sinker up to a 10″ model filled with 150lb line rigged with a 7/0 suicide hook and size 6 bean sinker. This comprehensive range of handcasters has a model to suit all popular Australian fish and offers anglers the most affordable and portable access to fresh seafood.


Please note: Colours may vary from images shown.


Size Lb/m Hook & Sinker
11.5cm/4.5″ 9lb/100m #4 Suicide & #1 Ball
15cm/6″ 15lb/100m #2 Suicide & #2 Bean
19cm/7.5″ 15lb/100m #1/0 Suicide & #3 Ball
19cm/7.5″ 30lb/100m #2/0 Suicide & #3 Bean
19cm/7.5″ 40lb/100m #1/0 Suicide & #3 Bean
24.5cm/10″ 100lb/100m #5/0 Suicide & #5 Bean


Additional information

11.5cm – 9lb/100m, 15cm – 15lb/100m, 19cm – 15lb/100m, 19cm – 30lb/100m, 19cm – 40lb/100m, 24.5cm – 100lb/100m, 24.5cm – Unrigged