Jarvis Walker The Net Factory Round Crab Pots (Available in-store only)


4 x 800mm
4 x 900mm Jumbo
4 x 900mm Pro HD
900mm Jumbo
900mm Pro HD

800mm – Crab Pot

This model has an 800mm diameter with 300mm PVC upright support stays. It’s a collapsibe pot and features 8mm-diameter galvanised rings and heavy-duty nylon mesh with four entrance funnels for crabs.


900mm – Jumbo

The Jumbo Round Crab Pot has a 900mm diameter and 270mm PVC upright support stays. This collapsible model is a heavy-duty unit. It features four entry holes, a strong 10mm-diameter galvanised frame and heavy-duty nylon mesh for ultimate durability.


900mm – Pro Heavy Duty

The Jarvis Walker Deluxe Heavy-Duty 4-Entry Crab Pot is a stand out, with a high-quality build you notice on inspection. This 900mm diameter pot was designed after extensive consultation with pro crabbers. It has a 12mm hot galvanised steel base and 10mm ring on top, which combine to provide solid weight so your pot stays where you deploy it, instead of moving off with the tide like too many light and cheap models do. The mesh is heavy-duty with a strength you feel when you grab it and there is even a bait bag sewn in. The four tough supports provide perfect stability and mesh tension for the four good-sized entrances, and the hand-made quality is evident throughout the build.


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