Jarvis Walker 3 Tray Tackle Box with 500 Tackle Pieces (Available in-store only)


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Jarvis Walker Tackle Box Kits contain everything you might ever need, from a huge range of lures to hook removers, bells, snips, tools, leaders, and more. Jarvis Walker Tackle Box Kits come ready-packed in smooth plastic boxes that are both durable and deceptively light for their size. The Jarvis Walker 500 Piece Tackle Box Kit uses a three-tray tackle box. Jarvis Walker Tackle Box Kits offer great value for money and also make the perfect gift for an Aussie angler.



  • Three tray tackle box
  • Plastic hook remover
  • Beads – Assorted green
  • Beads – Assorted pink
  • Beads – Assorted red
  • Baitholder hooks assorted
  • Long shank hooks assorted
  • Suicide hooks assorted
  • Lead jig heads
  • Soft plastic grubtail lures
  • Ball sinkers assorted
  • Bean sinkers assorted
  • Split shot sinkers assorted
  • Barrel swivels assorted
  • Barrel swivels with snap assorted