JigStar Combo Rings


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The JigStar Split and Solid Ring Combo gives you 5 split rings and 5 matching solid rings in the same pack. Constructed of high quality stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Designed with jigging in mind these small but crucial parts of terminal tackle are essential for tying assist hooks and make it a breeze to switch between jig weights and colors quickly.


Solid Rings – These solid rings are formed from a solid one piece of Stainless Steel material that has been smoothed for added strength and reliable terminations. Simply tie these solid rings onto your main line and attach jigs on them with split rings. Add a ball bearing swivel to the split ring and terminate your leader to the swivel rather than the solid ring.


Split Rings – These split rings are high strength, reliable and match to the Jig Star Solid rings. Great for switching between jigs or any other type of lure.

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H (Qty 10), M (Qty 10), S (Qty 10)